The Plextra Beta Program is designed for all partners who assist in the development of Plextra healthcare solutions based on our Plextra application platforms, provide consulting or technical services for Plextra systems, or recommend Plextra technology purchases to customers.

Plextra partners include: small clinics, consulting services providers, independent software vendors (ISVs), large account resellers, original equipment manufacturers (OEMs), support providers, system integrators, EHR white-label system builders, training providers, value-added resellers, and value-added providers.

Help give feedback on our beta portal site before it goes live!

Why Join?

By partnering with Plexra, you can take advantage of tools and resources that enable you to:

Shape the future of your product by leveraging Plextra Partner Program assets to help guide our quarterly software releases.
  • You are part of our team.  Your input is immediatley submitted to our Product Development team. 
  • You will enjoy special access to our beta teams project portal.  This allows you visibility to the Plextra technology roadmap, share input provided with other beta partners, and gives you direct interaction with our product development representatives.
  • You own the data.  If at anytime you deciede to leave Plextra, all your clinical data is immediatley published in a format you find acceptable.
Reduce your operating costs by using valuable software, training, and support resources such as:
  • You will receive our Plex EHR Lite and Plex Forms products absolutley free for 1 year.
    (There is a minimal charge if you want to use the Plextra online electronic prescribing feature)
  • Access to Partner Learning Center online resources
  • Over 10GB (Gigabytes) of document management storage FREE.
  • Special discounts and offers only available to partners.
Deliver innovative solutions that help you and your patients realize your clinics full potential with:
  • By using Plextra now, your clinic will be able to offer an online patient record through both Google and Microsoft Health networks in the near future.
  • Special partner rates for on-site Kiosk's that replace your patient intake forms.
  • You will be able to publish and receive data in an HL7 format with any 3rd party system that your clinic wishes to integrate with. Our tools simplify this complex task as much as possible.

How does it work?

For a limited time, signing up for the Beta Program is FREE. Simply fill out the Beta Program registration form on the next page. Once we receive your request, a Product Development lead will contact you directly.

Plextra offers both client server and hosted solutions. The ASP or hosted model is free. If you wish to participate with a local install, that is not a problem, however, you will be responsible for purchasing and maintaing the hardware at your site. There will be no charge for the actual software.

* The Plextra Partner Program is designed for all businesses whose primary function is to (i) provide healthcare services, support healthcare services, or (ii) build custom healthcare solutions on the Plextra platforms, or to provide solutions based on Plextra products and technologies to independent third-party providers.

Examples of qualifying businesses are: healthcare consulting services providers, independent software vendors (ISVs), independent hardware vendors, large account resellers, original equipment manufacturers (OEMs), support providers, system integrators, system builders, training providers, value-added resellers, and value-added providers who sell more than 75 percent of their healthcare products and services to customers outside of their own companies.

Examples of non-qualifying entities are: non-profit organizations, academic institutions, students, government offices, and businesses whose primary focus is non-healthcare related. Specific types of businesses whose primary focus is non-healthcare-related, but that have significant influence on technology purchases, may qualify to participate in the Plextra Partner Program.

Academic institutions and non-profit organizations qualify for special considerations that fall outside the Plextra Beta Partner program. If you are interested, please use the contact us form. A Plextra representative will walk you through the specifics.
Plextra is looking for small clinics to help guide the future direction of our products. If you are a small clinic looking to implement an EHR, sign up for our Beta Program today!