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Plextra Features and Benefits

A solution that doesn't cost you money with a ton of hidden fees and implementation costs.

One of the greatest benefits or reasons for moving to an EHR should be to save your practice money. Unfortunatley, most solutions today try to force the practice of medicine into a box that it just doesn't fit into. You shouldn't have to spend time typing clinical findings into a computer. As a result, most clinics end up spending the majority of their money on implementation and "work-flow" changes.

Our tools help you focus on your patients and not on a computer.

An EHR should be flexible, and bend to fit your practice, not the other way around.
What you need is a system that can take what you are doing right now and convert it to an identical format on the screen. Everyone in your office is already familiar with your paperwork, so the need to train is minimal. Plextra tools allow us to convert your current paperwork to electronic format in as little as a week. You'll be surprised how inexpensive this process can be.

Beware of systems that claim to create entire encounter notes in a couple of clicks.
While it certainly is possible to do this, what you'll end up with is virtually identical exam notes for every patient you see. Even our comprehensive EHR solution allows this, but we discourage doctors that consider it. Most EHR vendors hide this fact until you are audited. Then it is your fault.

Most doctors strongly dislike their EHR.
When Plextra started doing research into creating our next generation of products, this was the most surprising thing we heard over and over again. The majority of facility's that helped guide the devleopment of our products had already spent millions of dollars implementing an EHR solution.  They were so displeased with the end result, they joined Plextra in an effort to build something that worked.  We thinked we have eliminated most of those pain points with our latest product releases. 

This is the #1 reason why we are offering our EHR Lite product for free.  Until you use it, you can't visualize the benefits.

The majority of Plextra products will not allow you to participate in the ARRA EMR stimulus money.
While our comprehensive EHR qualifies, it meets the most current "Meaningful Use" requirements, we do not recommend you jump into any comprehensive EHR solutions. Not to say that our Plex EHR product is the wrong choice, but we do not believe the majority of doctors require, or can justify the expense, of this level of data capture. While a comprehensive product can make sense in certain scenarios, we believe it will end up costing most doctors more money than any benefits they might receive from the stimulus.

It is important to realize that "meaningful use" dictates that doctors use our comprehensive EHR solution in a very specific way.   What that means to you is, even if you are actively using our comprehensive product, you will not necessarily qualify for meaningful use. Most EHR vendors are not honest about this. You really need to know what questions to ask before purchasing an EHR.

Our greatest asset is you!
Plextra products are built by doctors, for doctors. We strongly urge you to look into our Beta Partner Program if you have not done so already. All new features and changes are made based on what our current doctors are telling us. While a small minority of EHR vendors claim to "listen" to their doctors, with Plextra, you actually become part of the process.

Plextra Benefit Overview
  • Plextra products save you money
  • No maintenance or license fees
  • Minimal upfront capital
  • Minimal IT Requirements (ASP)
  • Continuous Online Updates
  • Intuitive User Experience
  • Engineered by Doctors, for Doctors
  • Constantly evolving products
  • You are encouraged to participate
  • We keep our products simple
  • Reduce liability
Plextra Feature Overview
  • Plextra meets all HIPAA requirements
  • Automated data backups (ASP)
  • Continuous Online Updates
  • Microsoft .NET WCF services.
  • State of the art HL7 messaging services
  • Detailed online help documentation
  • Unlimited toll-free phone support
  • Unlimited email support
  • Easily customizable for white labels