Keep current processes
Reduce staff costs
Reduce storage expenses
Easy scanning
Easy online access
Low cost of entry

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Customizable and widely compatible, CPT and
ICD-9 codes are transmitted
to your billing system,

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Reduce staff costs
Reduce data entry time
Touch screen based
Intuitive and easy

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Send scripts directly to selected pharmacies; formulary database with drug/allergy checks.

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Your comprehesive EHR Solution

An electronic health record (EHR) is an evolving concept defined as a longitudinal collection of electronic health information about individual patients or populations.

The Plextra EHR stores your record in a digital format that is capable of being shared within and across different health care settings. Our product allows you to include a whole range of data in either comprehensive or summary form, including demographics, medical history, medication and allergies, immunization status, laboratory test results, and even radiology images.

What it offers your practice is a complete record of patient encounters that enables automation and streamlined workflow in your health care setting. You will enjoy increased safety through evidence-based decision support, quality management, and outcomes reporting.

  • Advantages
    • No maintenance or license fees.
    • Minimal upfront capital.
    • Minimal IT requirements (ASP Hosted Model)
    • Continuous Online Updates
  • Personalized Templates - Built on the fly
    • Designed to build personalized templates, use existing templates and/or modify existing templates and save them as your own. It is easy to share your templates with other users in your organization.
  • EM Coding Engine

    Your EM Codes will be generated by our internal rules engine based on the CMS Documentation Guidelines and information collected throughout your patient encounter.
    • Hyperlinks to the appropriate screens from documentation which in trun will provide a revised suggested level of code.
    • Tied to the EM Coding results is the Superbill, which is the list of chargeable items for the encounter.
    • Correct coding 100% of the time.
    • Reduce liability.
    • Self populating encounter based on previous input.
    • Hover features makes it quick and easy to review CMS criteria for coding levels.
  • ASP Hosted and Client Server Model
    • Leverage the cloud or maintain a local server with your current IT staff. You can be sure our staff is ready to work with you on your terms.
  • Bullet proof HIPAA Compliance
    • Exceeds al HIPAA requirements.
    • 128-bit data encryption on all transactions.
    • Eight leves of sever security that include bullet-proof doors and biometric restricted access. (ASP Model)
    • Data backups every 30 minutes of every day and out-of-state full backups every night.
  • Intiutive User Experience
    • Microsoft Windows Vista/Office 2007 style interface.  You will feel right at home.
    • User interface engineered by doctors for doctors.
    • Limited mouse clicks!
    • Little to no keyboard typing required.
  • Flexible web based training
    • Web-based remote conference training in 2-hour blocks.
    • No need to shut down the office for a week.
    • You'll be trained by certified, experienced professionals every step of the way.
  • World Class Support
    • Unlimited toll-free phone support.
    • Unlimited email support.
    • Average hold time is under 1 minute.
    • Detailed online help documentation.
  • Public Development API's to simplify integration
    • Professional application programming interfaces (API's) your internal staff can easily consume and use.
    • State of the art HL7 messaging components.
    • Built on a robost medical/billing domain model.
    • Custom binary protocols assure signficant speed and security each transaction.
  • Real world system requirements
    • One or more standard PCs with Windows XP/Vista/Window 7.
    • A broadband internet connection. (ASP Model Only)
    • Your average everyday computer will run our product just fine.
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