A comprehensive EHR
CPOE solution tailored to
your practice. Enjoy built-in
EM Coding guidance to
maximize your billing and eliminate errors.

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Customizable and widely compatible, CPT and
ICD-9 codes are transmitted
to your billing system,

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Reduce staff costs
Reduce data entry time
Touch screen based
Intuitive and easy

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Send scripts directly to selected pharmacies; formulary database with drug/allergy checks.

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Your comprehesive EHR Solution

For the conservative practitioner, our EHR-Lite offers a toe in the water that allows your practice to dive in to a comprehensive EHR/CPOE system when you are ready.

Spend time with your patients, not with a computer.  Continue to work the way you have always done in the past.  The only difference?  You'll have full access to your patient records with a mouse-click.  We know you have an overwhelming amount of patient records.  Our Lite product will guide you through the process of slowly moving to an electronic record without spending a small fortune in implementation costs.    

EHR Lite Features
  • Advantages
    • No maintenance or license fees.
    • Minimal upfront capital.
    • Minimal IT requirements (ASP Hosted Model)
    • Continuous Online Updates
    • Your first step towards a paperless office
  • ASP Hosted and Client Server Models are available
    • Leverage the cloud or maintain a local server with your current IT staff. You can be sure our staff is ready to work with you on your terms.
  • Bullet proof HIPAA Compliance
    • Exceeds al HIPAA requirements.
    • 128-bit data encryption on all transactions.
    • Eight leves of sever security that include bullet-proof doors and biometric restricted access. (ASP Model)
    • Data backups every 30 minutes of every day and out-of-state full backups every night.
  • Intiutive User Experience
    • Microsoft Windows Vista/Office 2007 style interface.  You will feel right at home.
    • User interface engineered by doctors for doctors.
    • Limited mouse clicks!
    • Little to no keyboard typing required.
  • Flexible web based training
    • Web-based remote conference training in 2-hour blocks.
    • No need to shut down the office for a week.
    • You'll be trained by certified, experienced professionals every step of the way.
  • World Class Support
    • Unlimited toll-free phone support.
    • Unlimited email support.
    • Average hold time is under 1 minute.
    • Detailed online help documentation.
  • Public Development API's to simplify integration
    • Professional application programming interfaces (API's) your internal staff can easily consume and use.
    • State of the art HL7 messaging components.
    • Built on a robost medical/billing domain model.
    • Custom binary protocols assure signficant speed and security each transaction.
  • Real world system requirements
    • One or more standard PCs with Windows XP/Vista/Window 7.
    • A broadband internet connection. (ASP Model Only)
    • Your average everyday computer will run our product just fine.
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Patient Demographics
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Patient Notes/Alerts
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Encounter History
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Scan and Upload Documents/Content