Plex EHR

A comprehensive EHR
CPOE solution tailored to
your practice. Enjoy built-in
EM Coding guidance to maximize your billing and eliminate errors.

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Plex EHR Light

Keep current processes
Reduce staff costs
Reduce storage expenses
Easy scanning
Easy online access
Low cost of entry

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Plex Forms

Customizable and widely compatible, CPT and
ICD-9 codes are transmitted
to your billing system,

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Plex Kiosk

Reduce staff costs
Reduce data entry time
Touch screen based
Intuitive and easy

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Plex Rx

Send scripts directly to selected pharmacies; formulary database with drug/allergy checks.

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Plextra products can help organize your practice. Nurse using our Plextra software.

Our Electronic Health Record (EHR) system allows for the thorough documentation of each patient visit, including complete patient histories. PLEX EHR has been designed from the ground up with the Evaluation and Management Service codes in mind. All appropriate data entered into the system contributes to the recommended level of code. PLEX EHR automatically generates a SOAP style progress note at the end of each visit. This helps to significantly reduce medical transcription costs. PLEX EHR also ensures that all billable charges are documented and captured; this will assist your practice in submitting appropriate bills to cover all services rendered during a visit.

Not ready for a full EHR system? Plex EHR Lite facilitates the conversion of your existing, paper-based patient files to electronic patient files. PLEX EHR LIte assists in migrating all paper records to electronic forms and will immediately reduce your paper storage costs. PLEX EHR Lite can unify your office with one system to collect, store and retrieve all patient information. PLEX EHR Lite can serve as your first step toward a full EHR system. Once your paper-based records are converted, you can easily activate and move to our full EHR application with no additional migration costs. PLEX EHR Lite also features scheduling, patient tracking, batch scanning of old records and general document management, providing a unified repository for all clinical content.

The PLEX Kiosk can replace your current intake forms. Patients enter their visit-specific information directly into the system via a touch screen interface. That information is sent, real time, to any clinical application. PLEX Kiosk’s public API’s allows Plextra or your team to send data to any application, not just Plextra applications. PLEX Kiosk offers an unparalleled level of customization.

PLEX RX is a web based e-prescribing application that allows you to electronically write prescriptions online from anywhere. Whether you use our EHR or not, you can use PLEX RX. Plextra partnered with Dr. First to provide the best e-prescribing solution on the market today. The benefits of e-prescribing are well documented and include instant online formulary checking, online refills and refill requests, immediate script transmission to patients’ preferred pharmacies, online patient medication history. Using PLEX RX will allow you to qualify for the 2% incentive payment in 2009 from Medicare (see for me information).

PLEX Interactive Forms is customized for every client. We take your existing forms and supercharge them by making them interactive. With minimal implementation time, we can have your clinic up and running using your own forms for documentation, but have them stored electronically in the patient file. The sky is the limit with our Interactive forms, you can make them as interactive as you want. With the electronic version of your current forms, you can benefit from added functionality which includes inline editing, the ability to attach content (dictation, x-rays, lab reports) directly to the form, assignment notifications and direct email or fax.

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